Time Is Money Spent

I have been watching a lot of Grant Cardone recently who is a strong proponent of getting the most out of your time, based on the goals you have set for yourself. Last week I had a water heater go out in my basement, and thought I would spend the day fixing it to save a little money. However, I am not a plumber. Plumbing is not my profession, so why would I be a plumber for a day? So instead I called a plumber in Mt. Juliet, to buy my time back for the day. Listen, I run a business from home and can make more progress towards my goals as opposed to procrastinating for a day to save a little money. In the long run, I will be much closer to the financial success I have been moving towards in order to meet my goals.

Learn How to Manage Your Time

Let’s say for instance I decided to fix the water heater as opposed to having the plumbing company in Mt. Juliet fix it for me. I would have spent the entire day trying to learn how to actually fix the problem and would still need to repair the water heater. This wouldn’t be a guarantee by the way. I might have to even spend the next day on repairing the heater. The solution here is to hire out what you can, in order to stay on target with your goals. This may be counter-intuitive to some, but it is how the greats have stayed on target for meeting their yearly goals.

Map Out Your Financial Path

In order to execute a successful outsourcing process, you need to know what resources can be set aside for expediting the process. In this case, you will need to have a financial budget for hiring out jobs that are tedious or simply don’t make sense for you to do, such as the plumbing example. Be sure you have income coming in so you can set your sail for success. Soon you will find a tipping point where there is much more revenue coming in due to your time management. You will be knocking out your goals much faster than expected which will allow you to set larger more aggressive goals in the future.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Of course, everything has risk associated with it. You cannot be successful without taking a little, or a lot, of risk. This is where you will learn from your mistakes. Have you heard of the saying, “fail forward”? This is exactly what you will be doing. ¬†One must fail forward enough times, adjust accordingly, and align with a better plan moving forward. The more time you fail, the closer you are to success. Taking risks are all about learning a more successful process to fulfill your future goals. So don’t let people talk you out of failing forward. If you do, you will always be on the level in some form or another. Be sure to take risks along the path, this is where true growth comes from.