Setting Goals

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How many of you are in the mindset of setting goals for a specific¬†project? If you are like me than you love setting goals but have a hard time actually meeting those goals. I’ve literally set easily achievable goals, ink to paper, just to push them aside while I think about how I will reach these destinations. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. When you are a struggling entrepreneur you cannot leave your goals unfilled and be successful in the marketplace. It just doesn’t happen. The equation simply doesn’t add up to success.

A friend of mine was working a 9-5 in for a large plumbing company for 5 years. He had dreamed of one day building his own plumbing business and quitting the Lee company. Last week, he quit his 9-5 and started taking service calls on his own. This was a major game changer for him as now his financials were entirely up to him. That consistent paycheck is now long gone, never to arrive in the mailbox again unless it is written to his company. He has goals, million dollar goals, and it will be up to him to create the necessary actions to implement a sales strategy. This brings me to my next point – strategy. Okay so for now on, we cannot just write our goals down and get that giddy feeling of being productive without any activity beyond the pen to paper. We need to take action which comes down to building a strategy around our written goals. This could be as easy as adding one extra line to the goals sheet.


  • Goals this week: make 10 calls to local business’s in need of my service every day. End of week amount: 50 calls in total.
  • Strategy: Before I attempt anything throughout the day, I MUST call 10 business’s.

This is a very fundamental example but it makes my point clear. Reinforce your goals with actionable steps (even if that is as little as on extra line). This may just give you the extra push to starting attempting to achieve those goals.

I hope this helps whoever it reaches. You can send you results to me here. I would love to hear about it.

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