Be Adaptable

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What does success look like to you? You need to figure this out, reader. Are your goals so lofty that you cannot achieve them? If that is the case you may want to scale them down a bit simply to start hitting your goals and build traction. A friend of mine recently quit his full time job to start his own plumbing company. Brentwood Star Plumbing was created in order for him to start hitting his goals of becoming his own boss with his own crew. This was a financial risk he was willing to take in order to meet his larger goals of becoming a business owner. His story is that he starting out in a company, learned the trade and adopted what he learned then took it to the market place as a service provider.

I’ve talked with him since and he is bring in more business each month consistently and looking to expand into more locations in his marketplace. This is a huge commitment, but the fact that he was committed enough to quit his job to create his own business shows that he is committed to hitting his goals.

How is being adaptable have to do with Brentwood Star Plumbing? The marketplace is different then what it was 10 years ago. You can literally do all of your marketing from you computer at home now. With services like thumbtack and other social service provider websites, you can start picking up clients in your local area immediately. This is huge for someone who has goals pertaining to financial independence. Social media marketing has changed the game. Google adwords enables you to target your buyers by the service they need, instantly. The time it takes to take a product or service to market can be achieved ten times faster now, than the time it took 10 years ago.

The companies that are adapting to the market and adopting these new marketing strategies will be the new leaders in the industry. If you don’t adapt and adopt, you don’t survive. If you are in a position where you can adapt to new marketing campaigns, you need to go ahead and start learning the platforms. Invest your time and energy today so you can be ahead tomorrow. Don’t take online marketing for granted and look at it as just a trend that will go away. If you are in this mindset you need to make a major change in your business philosophy because society is being built on the platforms.

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