Staying Motivated

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We all need motivation. I need it, you need it, the world at large needs it. Motivation is a key element to pushing through the rough times when achieving suc6290346538_2916b5d8d1cess. There are few disciplines that are absent of motivation. My good friend Terry told me, “on a fundamental level, everything we do in life that requires action, also requires self-motivation.” Terry is a successful entrepreneur, running roofing company outside of Miami, his website is¬†

A to-do list is often the first thing folks decide on doing when they feel the motivation bug however oftentimes people will us this action to “feel” as if they are actually being productive. This is very dangerous when you need measurable results because in this case, action on the to-do list is still necessary. If you deplete your motivational abilities upon assigning a to-do list, you are working against yourself. Most people don’t want to admit that their fuel tank is only sufficient enough for a to-do list. So what are some actionable steps we can take to ensure progress is being made?

  • accountability partner
  • measurable progress
  • checking off the to-do list (this is a big one)

Accountability partners can be great if you are working with someone who is an actionable individual. Look for someone who is expeditious and hard nosed enough to call you out on your docility. You need accountability so don’t work with someone who will not put you in your place when necessary. These people are usually at the gym, or walking around on their phone with a glazed look on their face because they live in an alternate universe than yours.

Measurable progress equates to numbers that can be plotted and graphed. Using the gym analysis as an example, if your to-do list says “run 10 miles a day”, then you know exactly what you need “to do” in order to meet that goal. This can be applied to any area of you life that you wish to see increased production. Applying numbers to your progress can dramatically¬†increase the compounded growth if effectively utilized. I highly recommend it if you want to see real change. Never underestimate the power of mathematics and how it can effect your perception. There is no faking the numbers.

The most important factor to this motivational post is “checking off the to-do list”. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, progress comes down to consistent action. Consistency will push you past the docility and straight into the production of things. The key here is constant action, everyday. If you take just a fews steps each day, you’ll walk a mile. Most people get hung up on the big picture and cannot trudge past the difficulties of accomplishment. Remember, a few steps go a long way. These few steps, each and everyday, will catapult you past your competition in the long run. Don’t be intimidated by the big picture that will force you into a corner. Focus on what matters most, put your head down, and keeps moving forward.

A step at a time.

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